Modern Hobos

LHP has been honoured to work with incredible test

LHP has been honoured to work with incredible, talented and passionate individuals from all corners of the earth. We have been humbled and inspired. From world renowned musicians and athletes to life changing NGOs and projects, we jumped in the deep end from day one and have never looked back.

At Hobo Homestead Barefoot Retreat in Byron Bay, we are dedicated to our ethos of ‘living in harmony with our environment’. Byron Bay and her beautiful healing alternative lifestyle is our environment. For us this means the beautiful natural world around us and our incredible community.

We are honoured to work with incredible locals in their expertise such as Ayurveda, Qigong, Aromatherapy, Permaculture and more, offering immersive life experiences for healing, learning and finding harmony with your environment, wherever you might find yourself in your journey. Check out our Experiences page to attend workshops and retreats at our beloved Byron Bay property.

We are honoured to be able to offer unique ‘work to live’ residencies for those worldly souls looking for a place to call home for a short stint while contributing and experiencing our ‘Hobo Mindset’ lifestyle. Send us a note and tell us about your passion, we’re always happy to grow the family and expand our offering by including new influences on the property.