the hobo method: connect and spread the love.

LHP was founded by Tatianna who lovingly curated a strong network of movers and shakers to work on and with incredible projects over the last 10 years. Focusing on creative and passionate individuals wanting to support anyone doing good for the world.

Our primary strength was fund and awareness raising, creative services, experiential, holistic marketing, management and idea making. We worked with amazing people and projects around the world in the arts, music, travel, extreme sports and environmental and social projects.

In 2015 she took on the Manly Historic Property on Carlton St & Pittwater Rd and has loved adoption and transforming spaces ever since. The original Butcher’s building of Manly from the late 19th century was falling apart and of no interest to the local community. LHP created a vision for a shared creative space (prior to the multitudes of co-working spaces in Manly), and with no budget it was transformed into a unique co-op hosting art gallery, local (and pre loved ) goods boutique, event space, offices, building studio and living quarters.  Shortly thereafter interest arose once again in the heritage listed building and it was sold, the reinvigorated building now hosts the international brand, Assembly Label among other high-end retail offerings

Shortly there after she met her match and it was only after they eloped that they realised how much they shared the love of bringing people together and following their hearts. From then on they have run LHP as a team focusing their passion over the last 2 years creating a beautiful home and passion property for many hobos far and wide in Byron Bay, Hobo Homestead

Tatianna is currently available for a limited number of consulting clients while mostly focusing on expanding the varied permaculture projects, workshops, unschooling programs and accomodation offering at Hobo Homestead. We welcome anyone who feels a little bit hobo at heart to join forces with us in whatever way you see fit. If you’re looking for help turning an idea into a reality, a place to call home in our Byron Bay Guest Houses for a short stay or long visit, or that unique venue for your boutique event, retreat or workshop, we’d always love to say hi.