Welcome to Byron Bay, Australia’s bohemian beach destination and alternative environmental

Welcome to Byron Bay, Australia’s bohemian beach destination and alternative environmental / wellness capital.  We are honoured to call this magical place home.

One of Byron Bay’s first properties originally known as Kingsley Cottage (c. 1900) is now the area’s most beloved homestead right in the centre if town, now known as HOBO HOMESTEAD. In 2018 we became the new caretakers of this well known property and are lovingly working it as a living permaculture project.

Permaculture is defined by how we interact with our environment and at Hobo Homestead we love taking a holistic approach to working with the small plot of land we have and the incredible community around us.

With permanent, short term, work to live residencies and over night living offering bed & breakfast style accommodation (Kingsley Cottage & The Old Barn) we are thrilled to have all sorts of incredible people from around the world join us in this beautiful home and visual masterpiece that is sure to help anyone slow down and soak up the good vibes.

Our garden is constantly growing with edible projects and our butterflies and native bee hives are flourishing.

We offer seasonal workshops in the wellness and lifestyle arena with everything from permaculture gardening to alternative therapies to screen printing.

We love hosting groups for boutique events, photo shoots and celebrations of many kinds, from intimate concerts to family reunions.

Last but not least, we are thrilled to be collaborating with various local passionate and alternative youth programs from unschooling to nature play.

We are ideally located in the centre of Byron Bay’s historic neighbourhood just walking distance to many incredible surfing beaches and national parks as well as the charming Byron Bay township with one of a kind local boutiques, gourmet dining, and a national hub for music and art.

Since opening our doors to this Hobo location in 2018, we have welcomed a new addition to the family, hosted over thousands of guests, worked days in and days out in the incredible garden and been in love with every bit of blood sweat and tears this experience has offered.  Most especially in collaborating with the community in many exciting ways and hosting guests, some now life long friends.

We are honoured to have had reviews such as ‘the absolute best place to stay in Byron Bay’ as well as ‘best guest house experience ever’, by many of our treasured guests.